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Organisations invest time and money into the development of their people to enhance job and organisational performance. It makes perfect sense. However what isn’t always promoted in the hustle and bustle of strategic performance management is that training is a tremendous personal opportunity too. Our advice is take full advantage of all development opportunities. Make yourself great and create more of those special ‘proud moments’ at work.


Neither you nor your employer will reap the benefits of training unless the learning is transferred from the training room directly into the work environment. There is a plethora of research into transfer learning but in a broad sense success pivots around three elements:

Work environment
Programme Design
Individual Charactertistics


Mytrack is designed to help righttrack delegates satisfy their part of the transfer learning triangle.


Benefits of Mytrack


On-line access to slides, handouts and notes from your training programme/s


Your trainer’s contact details for on-tap, rapid-response, post programme support


Opportunity to send us your story (we just love to hear our delegates’ success stories as much as suggestions on how we can improve!)


Whispers (practical trainers’ tips to help whilst the Ting Fairy is still legend)
See The Legend of the Ting Fairy...


Practical personality questionnaires


Full control over your account including the option to sign up to the monthly newsletter


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